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Keeping Cool in Summer: The Benefits of Air Conditioning

In recent years, the weather is experiencing extreme climate changes and during the summer months, the air can become unbearably hot and humid – leaving us feeling incredibly uncomfortable both at home and at work. Our latest article here at City Engineering Ltd focuses on how our air conditioning units can help you beat the heat and be extremely beneficial in the summer months.

Air Con in the Home

It can often be viewed as a luxury to install an air conditioning unit in your home, but they are not just about looking cool, they are about keeping cool! At home when you are attempting to cook and clean or generally be proactive, your tolerance for the hot and sticky summer weather is non-existent. Equipping your home with an air conditioning unit can keep you cool and energised without the need to constantly splash yourself with cold water.

During the summer months, home air conditioning is beneficial to the homeowner, children, and guests as well as pets. Flinging open windows and taking cool showers cannot always save us from the humidity; from wall-mounted to ducted units, City Engineering Ltd can supply you with a brand new and environmentally-friendly system for your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning

The increase in heat during the summer months poses a threat to the productivity and wellbeing of employees, especially those adhering to a strict dress code. Whilst there is no specific law regarding the minimum and maximum temperatures, The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggest that ‘An acceptable zone of thermal comfort for most people in the UK lies roughly between 13°C (56°F) and 30°C (86°F)’. Following these guidelines can provide health benefits for employees as well as increased productivity at work.

Commercial air conditioning does not only benefit employees but can also create a hygienic and healthy environment for customers, especially in restaurants and hotels. You can keep your customers happy in the scorching sun and humid rainfall with an effective air-con unit.

The Health Benefits

There are a variety of health benefits to installing an air conditioning unit in the home as well as commercial properties. The pure and cooling air can help improve a series of health issues such as respiratory problems, extreme allergies, and dehydration. This is particularly important in the summer months due to high levels of pollen distribution and an increase in heat which can cause a lack of moisture in our bodies.

Goodman Global to Be Acquired for $3.7bn By Daikin

Daikin to acquire Goodman for $3.7bn – »

Daikin, the Osaka-based air conditioner maker, is to acquire US rival Goodman Global for $3.7bn, adding to this year’s record tally of Japanese outbound deals.

Japanese air-conditioner maker Daikin appears to be looking to expand its share in the US market and has agreed on a deal to buy US rival Goodman Global for $3.7bn (£2.3bn).

A Daikin press statement:

“Goodman has a significant presence in the ducted-style residential unitary HVAC segment in North America, a segment where Daikin has little offerings. Goodman generates strong financial performance through its low-cost US manufacturing operations and an extensive network of over 900 distribution points, of which 192 are company operated.”

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