Air Conditioning Installations Carried out in London

Depend on our proficient and dedicated engineers in London to carry out an air conditioning installation in your property. Supplying high-quality units for both domestic and commercial properties, contact our engineers to arrange a consultation.

Air Cooling - Our Brands

Our skilled engineers are dedicated to installing high-quality air-cooling units throughout North West London. We supply you with the best air conditioning units available to minimise the risk of the system breaking. Moreover, many companies offer below-standard units, but at our reputable company, we pride ourselves on only providing state-of-the-art systems for our customers.

We only recommend and install the following brands of air conditioner units:

Installations - Air Cooling - Our Brands

  • Daikin

  • Mitsubishi

  • Toshiba

  • Fujitsu

  • LG

Hidden Pipes and Air Conditioning Units

Hidden pipes are not a problem for our engineers. If you want to have a new air conditioning unit installed, perhaps if your current system uses R-22, but don’t want to have to re-plaster and re-decorate, then City Engineering Ltd has your solution. With our methods, we can use your existing pipework and still install a brand new, environmentally friendly cooling air conditioner within just seven days.

Types of Air Conditioner Units

There are four types of indoor air conditioner units available, which we have listed below. These are suitable for home air conditioning and commercial.

Mitsubishi Wall Mounted Unit

Wall Mounted: These are quick to hang and tend to be the cheapest to buy and install. They hang on walls at approximately head height, blowing either hot or cold air into the room.

Mitsubishi Floor

Mounted Unit Floor: If you have no ceiling voids available and no wall space free, then the floor option is for you. This option tends to be a little more expensive than wall mounted units, however, they are just as quick to install.


This is a popular choice for offices, as it is fixed to a ceiling void, with only four fascias showing which blow either hot or cold air in each direction. Fujitsu Cassette Units provide better coverage than the previous two options and give a gentler airflow in the room, though cassette units take longer to install and are more expensive.


All that can be seen of a Fujitsu Ducted Unit is small air diffusers which we place around the ceiling, with the main unit tucked neatly away above the ceiling. The unit feeds hot or cold via hidden ductwork, which provides excellent coverage and a very comfortable environment.

Heating Air Conditioning Solutions

To show you what kind of installations and heating air conditioning solutions we can come up with, why not visit our case studies page, where we have a range of domestic and commercial overviews for you to read?

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