Reliable Air Conditioning Maintenance Services in London

For quality air conditioning maintenance services you can trust, turn to our reputable company in London. No matter how small or complex the air conditioning repair may be, you can depend on us to carry out the relevant work in an efficient and timely manner. Contact us to find out more.

Air Conditioning Cooling

We believe in being there when you need us, so for a single annual fee, we will come out to repair your air conditioning cooling and heating unit whenever it breaks down. No matter whether our experts installed the system or another company did, we will still undertake the maintenance of it, providing you have signed up to our maintenance plan.

In the case where you have had your air conditioning unit installed by our engineers, all our parts come with a three-year warranty guarantee as standard. If you would like the benefit of extended protection, we offer an additional two-year guarantee at an additional cost.

Servicing Air Conditioners and Aircon

We also recommend that you have your heating cooling air conditioners serviced approximately twice a year, especially if you use them constantly for extended periods. Having your air conditioning system serviced regularly can help to prevent unexpected breakdowns at inopportune moments which can lead to costly repair bills.

Discounted Air Conditioning Units Replacements for R-22 Systems

From January 1st, 2010, the refrigerant gas commonly known as R-22 was phased out as it was found that it damaged the ozone layer. From 2010, R-22 gas has not been manufactured, though aircon units using the gas-to-air condition can still be repaired and re-gassed for a period which has not yet been confirmed by the EU.

Here at City Engineering Ltd, we are currently offering special, discounted prices should you wish to replace your air conditioning unit. The EU is planning to phase out R-22 systems altogether, so if your unit needs a repair, we recommend that you take advantage of our offer and replace your air conditioner now!

Our systems comply with current law as they use environmentally friendly gasses to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without affecting the ozone layer.

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